Hello fellow trader,

My name is John S. I am a staff writer here at Liberty-Forex. I want to take a moment and introduce us to you. We are a group of traders that always understood that there must be more to life than punching a clock. We do live in one of the greatest countries on earth and we believe that the sky’s the limit in terms of our dreams, goals and financial stability.

I have personally spent years making very decent money as an electrician. Before that I was a waiter and then I thought the money was pretty good as well. It wasn’t until I had a family that I recognized that I need to make more money and have more stability. After all money equals freedom right??

Well, yes and no. Yes money does buy freedom in a sense. This is true, but how many expensive houses did I work in as an electrician, where strangers were raising there children? Where the home owner was working in the city (NYC) and gone 16 or more hours every single day. Nice clothes, nice vehicles, the best restaurants on earth and yet there time belongs to somebody else.

So what is the option then? Don’t work. Only marginally care about your career? That doesn’t make sense either after all how free are you without any money? There must be a balance? What if we could make great money and not have to kill ourselves to do it. Even better what if we could make that money from home or literally anywhere on earth?

That is the concept behind Liberty-Forex. We want the time freedom of having money and we didn’t want to commit 40-80 hours every single week to get it. I myself do not have a college education and did not have much advantage growing up. Learning to trade the markets is not super difficult it just takes time, and dedication. You must learn how the markets work physically, come up with a trading model and most of all you must be able to master your emotions while committing to continually growing and learning. Instead of doing all this alone (like I did) why not join us on this adventure. Trading can be boring business sometimes why not do this together? After all one of the things that defines us is our relationships with each other.

Liberty-Forex is a resource for you, trader. Here you will get tons of great information. We will share with you, everything we know to help you improve and grow. You need to bring an open mind and some tenacity. You could be on your way to a full time income within 12 months or so. Every single person is different but most of us have certain things in common. Just about everyone I know loves there family, most of them love God and most are willing to work hard to achieve there goals.

How about you trader? are you ready to say goodbye to the rat race? Are you ready to learn how you could experience Liberty for yourself? if so you came to the right place. Why not be apart of our family. We can help each other. I personally love to teach and it brings me great joy and fulfillment to help others. You love the idea of financial freedom, I know you do. This journey we are on is destined for excellence!